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Nidelv 26 project

Nidelv 26

This is the current main project with the aim of updating and in some areas improving the existing design of Nidelv 26. The N26 is basically a very well thought design with a lot of good solutions build in som was an obvious choice for the project. It was bought in the beginning of 2013 and was at that time in a very sorry state after being neglected for many years.

There was from the get-go som obvious things that needed to be changed and as is the case many times when doing refurbishments, a lot of jobs and projects was added and had to be solved before the Nidelv was shipshape again.

Here you will find info on some of the projects that have been done over the past years.

Design idea


Nidelv 26 interior cockpit

The objective of the project is to not only update and refurbish the Nidelv 26, but to take it one step further and improve the original concept - make it contemporary and exciting.

We do this by incorporating the latest technology , installation methodes, and designs and combining them with the original idears . To the conservative this could seem strange, buswe like the idea of revitalising the traditional classic design of the dubble-ender (or snekke) to match todays standards.


Nidelv 26 was one of the Nidelv Yard´s most successful models and was designed as a proper compact cruiser. It was a natural progression from the extremely popular smaller model the Nidelv 24 with was launched more than 10 years before the 26. Nidelv 26 is a significantly larger boat, featuring an after cabin, small mid cabin and a convertible dinette in the forward salon. A prober toilet and kitchen finishes the impression of a compact go-anywhere-cruiser. Depending on the engine the Nidelv 26´s semi-displacement design can cruise at speeds extending from 6 to 18 knots in comfort (with a modern VP D3 top speed is around 25 knots) .



Specification of the Nidelv 26, build 1985/rebuild 2015


  • Build (original) Nidelv/Nilsen Båtbyggeri, Arendal, Norway
  • Rebuild 2013/2015, Copenhagen Denmark
  • Type: Semi displacement cruiser
  • Material: FRP
  • CE-cat. C
  • Motor, Volvo Penta TMD30A, 86hp
  • L: 810 cm
  • L: 26 feet
  • W: 285 cm
  • Depth: 90 cm
  • Tonnage current apr: 3.100 kg
  • Top speed: 13.5 kn
  • Cruise: 9.5 kn

Nidelv 26 project 2015

How we received the N26

Nidelv 26 arriving

A very tired looking and neclected Nidelv 26 arriving at the Yard at the start of the project spring 2013.

How the Nidelv arrived and looked prior to refurbishment, 2013., Virum, Copenhagen Denmark

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