Skilso 23 HT

Skilso 23HT project

Skilso 23 HT

This is the previous project with the aim of updating and in some areas improving the existing design of Skilso 23. The connection to the Skilso Yard dates back to the 1980 for us and we have currently finished two Skilso 23 project.


This most current one though, turned out to be one of the most interesting. Being one of the rare HT versions and in a nice elegant cream colour the project turned out very well, resulting in a very elegant cruiser. The boat was originally bought i Stockholm Sweden, and transported to Copenhagen for the project. The search was a long one, as not many 23´s was produced in the mid 80´s and even fewer with HT.

Skilso 23 HT

Design idea


The objective of the project was to not only update and refurbish the Skilso 23, but to take it one step further.


New technology was added and a lot of other new features combined with classic look. With teak on the decks and teak detailing the Skilso looked both classic and modern.


The Skilso 23 was one of the most popular family boats during the "golden" 1970´es in the Norwegian boat industry. Skilso hit the market with the model in 1970 and it was an instant hit. The 23 was build all for more than two decades with the latest build around 1993. Many of them sold for use on the waterways of Europe, but you will find Skilso 23 as far a way as the Black Sea. At some point some was actually build on license in Australia - a little known fact.

The 23 carved the way for Skilso to become not only one of the oldest, but also most successful yards of the periode, and the later and much larger Skilso 750, 33 semi-displacement cruisers showed that the old yard could do up-to-date designs as well. In 2012 the Skilso brand and tooling for the models 33 and brand new 36FB and Cupé was sold to the Norwegian Yard Vines, which have since developed the modern range of Skilso to be on the cutting edge and securing the brands exsisens.



Specification of the Skilso 23 HT, build 1984/rebuild 2009


  • Build (original) Skilso Båtbyggeri, Arendal, Norway
  • Rebuild 2009/2012, Copenhagen Denmark
  • Type: Displacement/semi displacement cruiser
  • Material: FRP
  • CE-cat. C
  • Motor, Sabb M4, 30hp
  • L: 6.90 cm
  • L: 23 feet
  • W: 240 cm
  • Depth: 80 cm
  • Tonnage ca.:2.200 kg
  • Top speed: 8.5 kn
  • Cruise: 7 kn

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