Painting of radome

This video show the process of spraypainting a radar radome. in this case a Raymarine Digital one, but the process is the same regardless of brand. Make sure to degrease and have patience when spraypainting.. Caution! Make sure for this type of application that there are absolutely no metal in the paint, as this will ruin the function of the radome - it needs to function - not only look good ;-)

Installation of bowthruster

This video follow the process of fitting af bow thruster, in this case to a Nidelv 26. We use Sidepower SC40 for the installation.

Mounting flap on Nidelv 26

Mounting a flap on a Nidelv 26 can do a lot for the the speed and economics of the boat. In this video we show how its done with a flap from Asdal Trading in Norway. This is the closest you can get to a original modification. The flap will (depending on engine) 1-2 knots on the topspeed. However the interesting part is more the ability to keep a nice cruising speed at lower rpm and thereby also save fuel. We use West System epoxy for structural work.

Refurbishment of Nidelv 26

1985 build Nidelv 26 refurbished up to better than "as new" standard. Raymarine e7D navigation with digital radar, sounder and autopilot. Up-to-date equipment and interior. Volvo Penta TMD30 (86 HK) and Sidepower SC40 bow thruster.

Refurbishment of Skilso 23 HT

Video from the extensive refurbishment of a Skilso 23 HT. This is part one.

Part two video of the extensive refurbishment of a Skilso 23 HT


The southern part of Oeresund Denmark can throw up som pretty nasty seas, especially when southern wind is comming up from the Baltic Sea. This is Nidelv 26 Azura in force 5 to 6 south-easterly winds through Oeresund Denmark August 2014. Swells coming up through the Sund from the Baltic Sea. As expected the Nidelv had no trouble handling the big seas.


A quiet day aboard Skilso in Oeresund Denmark., Virum, Copenhagen Denmark

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