Nidelv 26 at Rungsted harbor

Skilsoboats.com is the place for owners of some of the finest boats build in Norw from the yards Nidelv and Skilso, but naturaly we cover a wide range of subjects that are of interest to boat owners in general.

We have over the years gathered great knowhow of boats in general and the two Norwegian brands in particular, after refurbishing quite af few,


Skilsoboats.com originate back to 2009 but have roots that date back to 1995 where the first refurb project was finished. On the website you will be able to follow the progress of current projects as well as info on old projects.


Skilsoboats.com is located in Copenhagen Denmark, where we work on projects at one of the Yards in the old harbour.



Skilsoboats.com was founded by Peter Malmstroem back in 2009. Peter have have been involved in sailing and boating almost all his life.


He was taught sailing in and old Albin Vega yacht by his father, and they cruised extensively in a 1977 Skilso 23 during the 1980´s and been involved in the marine business for close to 25 years, refurbishing boats and selling them on.


Passion is at the core of what we do here at skilsoboats.com. We do this because we love boats in general, but Skilso and Nidelv in particular.


Our interest also extend to what is going on at other yards and with other brands and the marine industry in general, so you will from time to time find info about yards like Bennett, Feretti, Beneteau and off cause other Norwegian Yards like Windy and Viknes.


Much of what you find on skilsoboats.com can to great extend be translated to other brands..



Our partners is a very important part of our work, they are chosen based on quality, and their ability to support us.


In many cases we work closely together to find the best possible solutions for the job at hand. With a wide selection of the best quality suppliers and manufactures in the industry awalible to us we are able to do the best work possible on the projects.


skilsoboats.com, Virum, Copenhagen Denmark

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